Steven Farnham (Incumbent)
I much appreciate the honor of serving on the Hunger Mountain Co-op council, and seek your vote for re-election. Serving our community has taught me how greatly we care about food, utilizing our co-op purchasing dollars to leverage influence over many matters relating to food, sustainability, and the environment: It’s not just about the groceries - it’s a holistic view of how food is brought to be, and what the businesses providing it stand for in the community.

I have supported reducing our carbon footprint, worked toward greater accountability to membership, and greater transparency of council activities (now all monthly meetings are audio-recorded and posted online). I have worked to enhance the democratic process connecting members to governance, while preserving core decision-making rubrics that empower individual participants, enlightening the whole.

I grew up in a third world environment that my Vermont neighbors imagined to be a small, Vermont dairy farm, so I am intimately familiar with the extraordinary effort and sacrifice required to produce high-quality food, and hold a deep and abiding respect those "in the trenches" of the supply chain all the way from source to retail display case. It is for this reason that, to me, fair treatment of our workers is paramount.

I was educated at VTC (from which I secured an Associate’s, with Honors), and subsequently furthered my studies in Business Administration at UVM. My early engineering career consisted of work in Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, and Technical Support. My recent endeavors have included bus, truck, and heavy equipment operation, selling agricultural products, carpentry, and machinery repair and restoration.

I joined Hunger Mountain Co-op about twenty-five years ago, when I returned to this area - I had been a member of Onion River Co-op (now City Market). I was born and raised in the house where I now live, which my ancestors built in 1794 after settling here only two years after Vermont joined the Union.

Over time, my interests shifted from machinery to humans. I like to learn what makes us tick, and I like to find solutions to problems that meet the needs of as many people as possible. Hunger Mountain Co-op faces many marketplace challenges. I believe that beneath each of those challenges lies a great opportunity waiting to be discovered. I thoroughly enjoy resolving conflict with innovative alternatives that unshackle us from the need to disagree.

I have worked hard to keep in touch with Hunger Mountain Co-op members, to know their vision, needs and concerns, and using core principles guiding co-op governance, to help steer the Co-op in a direction that best meets members’ needs, desires, and goals. I appreciate your vote to continue to serve.


Hunger Mountain Coop
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