Catherine Lowther - Incumbent
I grew up in rural NJ in a family of gardeners and have been growing vegetables and fruits organically all my life. I came to VT when I was 18 to go to college at Goddard College, and I have lived in Central VT most of my life since then. I have been a member of Hunger Mountain Co-op since 1989. I have BA and MA degrees in Psychology and a PhD in Consciousness Studies, and I have been in private practice doing psychotherapy, holistic health counseling and conflict resolution since 1985. I was on the faculty at Goddard College from 1997 to 2020 in the BA/MA Health Arts and Sciences Program, and the BA/MA in Individualized Studies. In response to student requests, I created the BA in Sustainability Program, and I offered courses in Climate Change. I chaired the Goddard Sustainability Committee from 2007 to 2020, and I did the carbon inventory for the college and helped the college reach carbon neutrality in 2018.
I was elected to the Co-op Council in 2021. I would like to continue to serve on the Co-op Council and the Co-op Sustainability Committee so that I can help the Co-op reduce its environmental impact by continuing to electrify more of our operations, reduce our use of plastics, increase our local food sources, and offer more educational resources. I am very grateful to be on the Co-op Council, and I would like to support the Co-op in becoming an example of how a business can reduce its environmental impact. 

Our way of living is changing the climate, and this is affecting our food supply. I think that increasing the Co-op’s local food sources and supporting local farmers will become increasingly important as we experience more of the impacts of climate change such as floods, droughts, and fires that destroy crops. Currently, about 38% of the Co-op’s foods come from local sources, and we need to continue to increase this amount and report on our progress in the newsletter. My work as a psychotherapist and health counselor has taught me about the power we have to overcome challenges, change our ways of thinking and living, and take our lives in a new direction. 
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