Deb Robinson
I moved to Montpelier 12 years ago and have been a member of the Hunger Mountain Coop since then.  I have had two careers. As a minister in the United Methodist Church I interacted with the Administrative Board (governing board) of the local churches I served. My second career was in accounting, in the Vermont State College system.
I worked with the Controllers of each of the 5 state colleges and was responsible for the overall accounting and final financial statements for the entire College System. I have a long-standing commitment to the co-op model. My father was the manager of a food coop in Kansas when I was born. I learned from him the importance of how this model puts the needs of the members and community first. I am impressed with the commitment to meet the needs of staff, while honoring the membership, the community and the financial stability of the coop.
I feel like we are in a time where have opportunities to work towards building the world we dream about, both within the pandemic and rebuilding when it loosens its hold on our lives.  Because of the way the Coop is structured, and its history, it could be a place where we find ways to move into the future we want to see.  I would enjoy being a part of that process. 

Hunger Mountain Coop
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