Erich Zeichner
I have been a resident of Northfield & Co-op patron for 25 years. I am a typical Vermonter, albeit a transplant, in that I have worn many hats in my career, some of which are, telecommunications CISCO certified engineer, land developer and builder, teacher, mail carrier, property manager, handyman, musician, etc. My wife and daughter are longtime front-end employees at the Co-op.
We have an opportunity to transform the workplace in many positive ways. We need to come together in a meeting of minds and hearts to improve the operation and generate the good morale needed to have the kind of marketplace and workplace that is in everyone's best interests. 
I believe that the Co-op is an important community hub. It deserves our best efforts to guide it towards what we all want to experience in a marketplace:  quality products, locally sourced products, and competitive employment opportunities while representing the values of the community. 
View Erich's video here.

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