Jen Porrier - Incumbent
I have lived in Montpelier since April 2016. My husband and I have been members at Hunger Mountain since about 2014. I have served as the Board liaison for the Vermont State Colleges System for the past 3 years. In this capacity I am involved with all aspects of the governing involved in running a four-college system. My skills include knowledge of corporation oversight, creation and implementation of system policies, resource allocation, and cultivating healthy relationships between trustees and stakeholders.

As a life-long Vermonter I am deeply committed to the Co-op’s mission of local ownership and providing a retail outlet for our local farmers and producers. Joining this council was an opportunity for me to turn my passion for Vermont and our community into concrete action. I’m also very interested in the education of the community, and the Ends Policies play a significant role in my wanting to be a part of this council. A mission is important, but the outcomes are undeniable.

I believe in the value of teaching our community that shopping locally can help to build a sustainable future for everyone, not just the wealthy or elite, but everyone. Buying locally produced products, or locally grown produce is worth the investment, not only in our physical health, and the health of our children, but in the health of our economy. I am passionate about maintaining the health of our Vermont economy. I hope to use my Master’s in Education to help educate on the importance of building a sustainable community through supporting our local economy.

We have an opportunity right now to help answer pressing questions about the choices we make. How to reduce the use of single-use plastic? How to reduce carbon footprint? How to shop/cook/eat from the bulk section? The challenge right now is how to provide that education. I think we have a lot of untapped opportunities that can reach a larger audience. 


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