Julia Goldstein
I have lived in Waterbury, VT for five years. I have been a Co-op member for the past year. I have a BA in Communications. I sit on the board at my religious institution and I am in the process of building a lending library for the North Branch Nature Center.

I’ve observed several council meetings and liked what I’ve seen and heard. I am self-taught and very well read about sustainable agriculture, soil regeneration, climate change, food systems and security, organic and non-GMO products, and human nutrition. This knowledge makes me very interested in supporting the Co-op in its mission. Everyone deserves good health and a space in a community with similar beliefs.

I bring to the council 10 years of experience doing consultative selling to businesses, market research experience, working in the technology field in various positions, experience with pharma and the managed care industry, and since moving to Vermont I’ve been working in the human services arena. I am a good listener and enjoy feedback from Co-op members and the council to help improve communication and inclusiveness. 

The most important opportunities and challenges in the Co-op’s future are whether or not to expand, making sure that all employees feel comfortable in their positions, identifying and addressing any rancor among employees and management, providing classes for the community, continuing to offer a variety of prepared foods from the hot and cold salad bars, café, and refrigerated shelves, being mindful of offering foods/liquid that address allergies such as wheat-free products and other types of non-dairy milk beyond soy and almond such as oat milk at the in the café, making sure there are enough products that are sugar and alternative sweetener free.

Hunger Mountain Coop
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