Lauren Antler

I have been a Co-op member since 2010, when I first moved to Montpelier. I have worked as a comedian, TV producer (MTV, Nickelodeon), and non-profit professional in theater (A.R.T.) and circus (Circus Smirkus). I now run Social Work Examination Services, a family business, and Mama Cowl, a crafty side business. My BA is from Barnard College, and I have an MA in Arts Administration from Teacher’s College, both of Columbia University.  

 The Co-op is a town square where people go to connect with each other and with the community. As such, the Co-op has a responsibility to reflect the needs and values of its members. At a time of great social issues and needs, I want to help the Co-op with the responsibility it has to connect people, remain accessible, and continue to be an economic hub. 

 I have worn many hats in my career–comedian and event producer, communications and marketing professional, arts administrator, business owner, parent, community member. I bring creative problem solving, community engagement expertise, a sense of humor, a mind for practical business, a commitment to values and tangible experience in board operations.  

 Covid exposed how vital a local food supply is for nourishing a community. The Co-op has the opportunity to support and encourage local food suppliers, growers and producers, bolstering and augmenting the local food system. The challenge facing the Co-op is to do that in a way that keeps costs at a level that encourages all income levels to feel welcome. How does the Co-op keep true to the idea of a "cooperative”? How does it open its doors to all with the goal of being as accessible as possible? 


Hunger Mountain Coop
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