Olivia Dunton

I moved to Montpelier in December of 2018, from Elmore. I have been a member of Hunger Mountain Co-op from the time I moved to Vermont in the spring of 2017. I am also a member of the Portland Co-op in Portland, Maine, and was previously a member of Mountain View Market

Co-op in Las Cruces, New Mexico. My background (and my passion) has been working in the food service industry from the time I was a teenager. While my college focus was a double major in fine arts and business writing, I found my happiness in hands-on work, serving my community through the local food industry. I have served in restaurants, cooked in and managed kitchens and bakeries, and worked as a fresh foods department manager for a co-op in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

I am interested in serving on the council because I want to give back and become more involved in my community. As a recent transplant to Vermont, I am excited to invest myself fully into this wonderful state; I believe serving on the Co-op council would be a way to do that, which also uses my background working with local food producers and local food economies. I am very passionate about the local food systems and want to support these systems in the best ways possible. As an employee of the Co-op, I have a specific perspective on the ways in which the Co-op can be a part of the community, but I want to learn as many perspectives as possible to further my own understanding and better support local food.

Serving on the council is an exciting call to service, and an opportunity to support a wonderful and dynamic local business. I have been a local food producer and a bakery vendor for grocery stores in the past, and now working as a buyer at the Co-op, I believe I would bring a well-rounded perspective to the council. I have a strong understanding of healthy workplace culture, business financials, and the local food systems, which I believe is essential for the council and their role in the Co-op.

The Co-op faces many exciting challenges and opportunities for the future, as we take on a changing world at large and a changing Vermont. More so than ever before, we must understand the rapidly evolving grocery industry, as we consider how to balance a healthy financial situation with employee well-being and accessible price structures. How the Co-op grows and supports the growth of its community will be a defining aspect of our future as a business. I would be excited to face these challenges and bring creative and thoughtful responses to the table.


Hunger Mountain Coop
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