Scott Hess - Incumbent

I’ve lived in East Montpelier for the last ten years, but joined the Co-op back in 2007 when I was still visiting the area. My background is in business, including running my own company as a futures trader (I served on the board of the New York Mercantile Exchange during that time,) doing sales for an organic wholesale food company, and, really early on, working at my family’s retail clothing store. I have an MBA, as well as a BA in marketing. 

In addition to serving on the Co-op council, I am involved with the Community Lunch program at the Unitarian Church of Montpelier, and serve on the boards of Community Harvest of Central Vermont, the Vermont Alliance for Retired Americans (VTARA), and the East Montpelier Planning Commission.  

During my time on the Co-op council, I’ve enjoyed interacting with members, staff, and the community on matters related to the Co-op. The Co-op is such a gem – it serves thousands, and many people are passionate about our store.

I feel that my work background, education, and experience being a member on various local boards and committees gives me insight to aid the Co-op and council. I’ve served as president, secretary, and treasurer of Hunger Mountain Co-op’s council and other organizations. 

The Co-op’s most important roles are to support our local food network while making sure we’re accessible to the entire Central Vermont community. Healthful and affordable food is and should be a top priority. The Co-op faces increased competition and meeting this challenge is – and will continue to be – a challenge. With the help of a dedicated staff and committed membership, our co-op will continue to thrive.

Hunger Mountain Coop
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