Steven Farnham - Incumbent

A life-long Vermonter, I was raised on a family farm, built in Plainfield the same year the first session of the US Senate opened to the public. A   member of a half dozen co-ops, I’ve been with Hunger Mountain for over twenty-five years.
It has been an honor to serve on the Council of Hunger Mountain Co-operative the past six years.  I appreciate the opportunities council service has presented:  communicating with members of our close-knit community and bringing their ideas, thoughts, and concerns to bear in the governance of our co-operatively owned enterprise. It is clear that we all care a great deal how food is grown and marketed, and what the businesses providing it stand for in the community.
It is important to continue focusing on reducing our carbon footprint, working toward greater sustainability, and maintaining a steady hand on the tiller in these troubling times. I will continue to listen to HMC members, to know their vision, needs and concerns, and use the core principles guiding co-op  governance to  help  steer  the  co-op  in  a  direction  that  best  meets members’ needs, desires, and goals. I appreciate your support and your vote.

Hunger Mountain Coop
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